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Buy RC-1900 - 30063114 remote control for TV

RC-1900 OEM genuine remote control

Code: RC-1900 (30063114)

No longer available

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Compatible models

Some models for Televisions that this remote control is compatible with, but not limited to, are:

Televisions Akai 1006 41 60

Televisions Akai 1006 85 70

Televisions Akai 3006 31 14

Televisions Akai ALD 2214 FH

Televisions Akai ALD 2620 H

Televisions Arena 10068788

Televisions Arena A22DVD901

Televisions DMTech RC-1900

Televisions Oki RC-1900

Televisions Oki V 22 B-PHDU

Televisions Oki V 32 B-PHTUVI

Televisions Elbe XTV 2065

Televisions Techwood 10068610

Televisions Techwood 22884HD-DVD DIGITAL

Televisions Finlux 10063393

Televisions Finlux 10066833

Televisions Finlux 10068938

Televisions Finlux 19 FLD 850 VHUD

Televisions Finlux 22 FL 850 VU

Televisions Finlux RC-1900

Televisions Luxor 10063226

Televisions Luxor 10064268

Televisions Luxor 10065548

Televisions Luxor 10065529

Televisions Luxor 10067853

Televisions Luxor 10069820

Televisions Luxor 22820DVDIDTVIPOD

Televisions Luxor 32883DVD

Televisions Luxor LCD W 19822

Televisions Luxor LUX 22822 COB

Televisions Luxor LUXOR 16855

Televisions Luxor RC1900

Televisions Prosonic 10061605

Televisions Prosonic 10068791

Televisions Prosonic PS19-D101

Televisions Prosonic RC-1900

Televisions Sanyo CE22LC80-DVCP

Televisions Nevir NVR7502-40HDN

Televisions Nevir NVR7502-24HDN

Televisions Nevir NVR7502-22HDR

Televisions Nevir NVR 7201-19 HDN

Televisions Nevir NVR 7201-40 HDN


Televisions Saba SCB 2210 VX

Televisions Saba SBV 2243 H

Televisions Saba LED 19 V 11

Televisions Grandin LC 26 R

Televisions Grandin CBX 1909

Televisions Brandt B 2207 XHDW

Televisions Oki L 40 VD-FHTUV

Televisions Sunstech 22 LED TAL US-SWT


Televisions Oki L22VB-FHUTV

Televisions Salora 22 LED 7015 TDW

Combis TD Systems K 40 DLV 1F

Televisions Screenland SRL 190 PVR

Combis Brandt B 1605 LVDXW

Combis Brandt B 2205 LVDXW

Televisions Telefunken TE 19880 XN 4

Televisions Telefunken TE 19880 DN 9

Televisions Oki L 32 VG-PHTUV

Televisions Universum FT-LCD-DVD 8192 DVB-T

LCD/TFT Televisions Nevir NVR750222HDB

Televisions JVC LT 22 HD 4 WU

Televisions Telefunken SAGA22DVDPVR

Televisions Continental Edison CELED215HDVB3

Televisions Techwood VLED26TV11012

Televisions Techwood LCD37IDTV

Televisions JMB JTC0126002B/01

Televisions JMB 22883 IDTV HD DVD

Televisions Techwood TC22137LED

Televisions Techwood 26884HDDVD

Televisions Techwood 16911HDLEDDVD

Televisions Techwood LED24916DVDFHD

Televisions Techwood TKD4811DVX

Televisions Techwood VL 32 HD 1101

Televisions Sanyo CE22LD90DV-B

Televisions Sanyo CE19LD08DV-B

Televisions Continental Edison CETVLED22FHDR3

Televisions Continental Edison CELED26HDV3

Televisions Continental Edison CETVLCD32HDR3

Televisions Continental Edison CELED236HDV3

Televisions Continental Edison CETVLCD26HD3

Televisions Tucson TL1603B11

Televisions Tucson TL3204B11-2

Televisions Akai 1006 41 59

Televisions Continental Edison CETVLED26HD3

Televisions Telefunken TFL2460B11

Televisions Akai ALED1905T

Televisions Telefunken TE40182N22FC10 UD LED


Televisions Telefunken TE22857X-N4

Televisions Telefunken TE32180S16C10

Televisions Telefunken T22R857

Televisions Telefunken TFL 32970H

Televisions Telefunken TF2460EX91LU

Televisions Telefunken L32H182Q3

Televisions Telefunken TFL19970HL

LCD/TFT Televisions Prosonic PS26CTD6 10067932

Televisions Brandt B1606LEDXW2

Televisions JVC LT-32HA4WU

Televisions Grandin LC 22 M 2112

Televisions Akai 1006 41 64

Televisions Akai 1006 85 71

Televisions Akai ALD 1914 H

Televisions Akai ALD 2214 H

Televisions Akai ALD 3214 H

Televisions Arena 10068873

Televisions Arena A26DVD10

Televisions DMTech LXA 22 DV

Televisions Oki V 16 A-P HD

Televisions Oki V 22 D-PHDTUVI

Televisions Elbe 30063114

Televisions Elbe XTV2266-DVD USB

Televisions Techwood 10068909

Televisions Techwood 300 63114

Televisions Finlux 10063395

Televisions Finlux 10067124

Televisions Finlux 16 FL 850 VU

Televisions Finlux 19 FLD 850 VHUV 1

Televisions Finlux 22 FLD 841 VUD

Televisions Luxor 10062466

Televisions Luxor 10063829

Televisions Luxor 10064372

Televisions Luxor 10064549

Televisions Luxor 10065615

Televisions Luxor 10068093

Televisions Luxor 10070194

Televisions Luxor 26883DVDIDTV

Televisions Luxor HD22823DDVD

Televisions Luxor LUX 16822 COB

Televisions Luxor LUX 22860 COB

Televisions Luxor LUXORHD19822DDVD

Televisions Luxor V16LCDDVDHD

Televisions Prosonic 10066973

Televisions Prosonic 10070576

Televisions Prosonic PS22-CTD6

Televisions Sanyo CE 26 LM 80 DV


Combis Nevir NVR-7502-32 HD-N

Televisions Nevir NVR7502-24HDR

Multimedia hard drive Nevir NVR7502-19HDDN

Televisions Nevir NVR 7201-26 HDN

Televisions Nevir NVR 7201-42 HDN

Televisions Windsor WD 1911 T

Televisions Saba SCB 2209 W

Televisions Saba SBV 1943 H

Televisions Saba L 32 PV 412

Televisions Grandin LC 22 M 211

Televisions Hoher H22LX810DVD

Televisions Mitsai 22CBMTS09 DVBT

Televisions Oki L24VC-PHTUV

Televisions Sunstech 22 LED TAL US-WBK

Televisions Telefunken TLFK19-DSLH12

Televisions Salora 32LED7105-CD

Televisions Salora 22 LED 7005 TD

Televisions Saba LED32PV412


Combis Brandt B 1903 LVDX

Combis Proline LVD 1961 DX

Combis Telefunken TE 22880 XN 4

Combis Telefunken TE 22857 DN 9


LCD/TFT Televisions Nevir NVR750232HDB

LCD/TFT Televisions Nevir NVR750222HDDB

Televisions Medion MD20057

Televisions Schontech LC3241UM

Televisions Sunstech TL-EI 22 HD-MKII

Televisions Techwood TC 32930 D LED

Televisions Techwood CL22ITM11LED

Televisions JMB JTC0119002P/01

Televisions JMB 19883 IDTV HD DVD

Televisions Techwood I22DPX

Televisions Techwood TKD409DVX

Televisions Techwood LED22940DVDFHD

Televisions Techwood TK32LED11SHC

Televisions Techwood CL2210PR

Televisions Techwood LED26915BUMP

Televisions Sanyo CE 19LD90DV-B

Televisions Sanyo CE22LD08DV-B

Televisions Continental Edison CE LCD 32SDDS3

Televisions Continental Edison CETVLED23FHDV3

Televisions Continental Edison CE60LCD40FHDR3

Televisions Continental Edison 66DVD883V

Televisions Continental Edison CELED215HDV3

Televisions Tucson TL1904B11

Televisions Tucson TL3204B11

Televisions Sunstech TLEI22HDMKII (V. 2015)

Televisions Sunstech TLEI32HDWSLIMBK

Televisions Oki LCVCFHTUV

Televisions Sanyo CE22LC90DVN-C-P

Televisions Brandt B2207XHDW3

Televisions SCHNEIDER OLYA 3203 PVR

Televisions Westwood W19TDVD45

Televisions Telefunken TE32180S16C10ULED

Televisions Telefunken TF 3265 LCD 1201

Televisions Telefunken T32K883 DVB-T/DVD

Televisions Telefunken TFL 40970F

Televisions Telefunken TFL 32970F

Televisions Sunstech 22LEDTALUSWWT

Televisions Hoher 22SL-2

Televisions Oki L 32 VH-PHTUV

Televisions Grandin CB 19 V 132

Televisions Techwood TC32185LED

Televisions Akai 1006 5190

Televisions Akai 1006 85 74

Televisions Akai ALD 1979 H

Televisions Akai ALD 2280 HT

Televisions Akai RC-1900

Televisions Arena 30063114

Televisions Arena RC-1900

Combis Dual DTFT 22-6

Televisions Oki V 19 B-PHDUV

Televisions Oki V 32 B-LED 1

Televisions Elbe RC-1900

Televisions Techwood 10066570

Televisions Techwood 100 69819

Televisions Finlux 10059760

Televisions Finlux 10063396

Televisions Finlux 10067241

Televisions Finlux 19 FL 850 VU

Televisions Finlux 19FLD851-VHUD

Televisions Finlux 22 FLD 850 VHUL 1

Televisions Luxor 10062480

Televisions Luxor 10063831

Televisions Luxor 10064373

Televisions Luxor 10064785

Televisions Luxor 10067309

Televisions Luxor 10069691

Televisions Luxor 19822WHDDVDDIG

Televisions Luxor 26DVDLCD

Televisions Luxor L19822COBXMAS

Televisions Luxor LUX16822WHDVD

Televisions Luxor LUX 24882 COB

Televisions Luxor LUXORHD22822DDVD

Televisions Luxor V19LCDDVD875

Televisions Prosonic 10067932

Televisions Prosonic 30063114

Televisions Prosonic PS26-CTD6

Televisions Oki V 16 A

Televisions Saba S19104DVD

Televisions Nevir NVR7502-26HDN

Multimedia hard drive Nevir NVR7502-22HDDN

Televisions Nevir NVR7502-19HDN

Televisions Nevir NVR 7201-22 HDRN

Televisions Differo DF 32 TCH DUG

Televisions Techwood VL24-TV1001

Televisions Saba SCB 1910 VX

Televisions Saba LED 26 V 11

Televisions Grandin LD 32 V 211

Televisions Grandin LC 16 M 211

Televisions Hoher H19LX810DVD

Televisions Vanguard V 1909 TDP

Televisions Oki L 22 VB-PHTUV

Televisions Vanguard V 229 TDV

Televisions Lavis LA-LED 191

Televisions Salora 19 LED 7005 TD

LCD/TFT Televisions Clayton CL2610M2DVD

Televisions Grunkel L332N/HDTV

Televisions Oki C 26 VB-PHTUV

Combis Brandt B 1905 LVDX

Combis Sunstech TL-EI 19 HD MKII

Televisions Telefunken TE 16857 DN 9

Combis Telefunken TE 22880 DN 9

Televisions Vanguard V1910DVD

LCD/TFT Televisions Nevir NVR750226HDB

LCD/TFT Televisions Nevir NVR750219HDDB

Televisions Celcus LED22S913DVDFHD

Televisions SCHNEIDER VIWA HD 1910 USB

Televisions Telefunken TE32160B29C10

Televisions Techwood 19884HDDVD

Televisions JMB JTC0119002R/01

Televisions JMB 16855BK IDTV DVD

Televisions Techwood TCD1910TN12VMKII

Televisions Techwood L22DVD875HDT

Televisions Techwood LED16AK11DVX

Televisions Techwood LED19AK12DVX

Televisions Techwood CL26ITM11LED

Televisions Techwood 16FLX914LU

Televisions Techwood CL 229 TKDX

Televisions Sanyo CE19LD90DVN-B

Televisions Sanyo CE22LD90DVN-B

Televisions Continental Edison CETVLCD22FHDR3

Televisions Continental Edison CE60BLCD32HDR3

Televisions Continental Edison CEBLED185HD3

Televisions Continental Edison CETVLED156SD3

Televisions Continental Edison CE62LED26HD3

Televisions Tucson TL1903B11

Televisions Tucson TL 26 LED 0011

Televisions Techwood TK19T29DVD


Televisions Waltham WTHD 3212 B

Televisions Oki C 37 VA-FHTUV

Televisions Brandt B1925WHDDVD

Televisions Telefunken TE 19857 XN 4

Televisions Sunstech 24 LED TIR SABK

Televisions Telefunken TE32180S16C10UDLED

Televisions Telefunken TE32180B29C10 UD-LED

Televisions Telefunken T19R900 II DVB-T/DVD

Televisions Telefunken TE 32182 B 29 C 10

Televisions Telefunken TF2660LED1101

Schontech LE19130UM

Televisions Nevir NVR7502-22HDRN

Televisions Sunstech 19LEDXTIRSABK


Televisions Akai 1006 66 16

Televisions Akai 1006 85 75

Televisions Akai ALD 1980 HT

Televisions Akai ALD 2615 H

Televisions Arena 10061606

Televisions Arena A22DVD10

Televisions DMTech 10070313

Televisions Oki 30063114

Televisions Oki V 19 C-PHDLUV

Televisions Oki V 32 B-LED 2

Televisions Elbe XTV 1923

Televisions Techwood 10066998

Televisions Techwood 22875HD-DVD DIGITAL

Televisions Finlux 10061089

Televisions Finlux 10065465

Televisions Finlux 10067679

Televisions Finlux 19 FLD 850 VHU

Combis Finlux 19 FLY 841 VUD

Televisions Finlux 22 FLDV 850 MP

Televisions Luxor 10063225

Televisions Luxor 10063833

Televisions Luxor 10064547

Televisions Luxor 10065220

Televisions Luxor 10067367

Televisions Luxor 10069760

Televisions Luxor 19875DVD

Televisions Luxor 30063114

Televisions Luxor LCD W 16822

Televisions Luxor LUX 19822 COB

Televisions Luxor LUX26883DDVD

Televisions Luxor LUXORHD26883DDVD

Televisions Luxor V22LCDDVDHD

Televisions Prosonic 10068789

Televisions Prosonic NSI22-DVD901

Televisions Prosonic PS26-D101

Televisions Sanyo CE22LC80-DVNCS

Televisions Nevir NVR 7400-42 HDN

Televisions Nevir NVR7502-26HDR

Televisions Nevir NVR7502-22HDN

Televisions Nevir NVR7502-19HDR

Combis Nevir NVR 7201-32 HDN

Televisions Sunstech TLEI19HD-MKIIWBK

Televisions Saba SVD 2630

Televisions Saba SCB 1909 W

Televisions Saba LED 22 V 11

Televisions Grandin LD19V211

Televisions Grandin L 19 V 99 S

Televisions Brandt B 3216 HD LED

Televisions Sunstech TL-I 32 HD-MKWBK

Televisions Sunstech 22 LED TAL US

Combis Proline LVD 1923 DX

Televisions Oki L 32 VE-PHTUV

Televisions Salora 19 LED 7015 TDW

LCD/TFT Televisions Telefunken TYR3261B16PVR

Televisions Saba SW22905DVD

Combis Brandt B 1604 LVDX

Combis Brandt B 1907 LVDX

Televisions Telefunken TE 20880 DB 11

Televisions Telefunken TE 19857 DN 9

Combis Telefunken TE 22882 DN 9

Televisions Oki L 42 VC-FHTUV

LCD/TFT Televisions Nevir NVR750224HDB

LCD/TFT Televisions Nevir NVR750219HDB

Televisions Techwood CL22822HDVX

Televisions Tucson TL1901B11

Televisions Techwood VLED 26 TV 1101

Televisions Techwood 16822DVDHDDIG

Televisions JMB JTC0122002B/01

Televisions JMB JTC0119002B/01

Televisions Techwood I19DPX

Televisions Techwood TCD1910TN12V

Televisions Techwood LED19940DVDHD

Televisions Techwood TC1909TN875MKII

Televisions Techwood LVD2263D

Televisions Techwood TKD489DVX

Televisions Technika LCD19-910

Televisions Sanyo CE32LD08DV-B

Televisions Sanyo CE26LD90DV-B

Televisions Continental Edison CE60LCD32HDR3

Televisions Continental Edison CETVLCD22FHDV3

Televisions Continental Edison CETVLCD19SDV3

Televisions Continental Edison CETVLED16SDR3

Televisions Brandt B1913XHD

Televisions Tucson TLD2203B11

Televisions Tucson TL 2604 B 11

Televisions SCHNEIDER Stelia 2650DVD USB

Televisions Continental Edison CE LED 215 HD 2

Televisions Sinudyne SY-U 32 KV 220

Televisions Telefunken TE16857MXN4

Televisions Brandt B1606LEDXW

Televisions Medion MD 20272 ES/PTA

Televisions Technical LCD8204HDB/3

Televisions Telefunken TFLH32B0211

Televisions Telefunken T19R900 DVB-T/DVD

Televisions Telefunken T22R900 II DVB-T/DVD

Televisions Telefunken TF4060HX905EU/R

Televisions Telefunken TE32160B29C10UD-LED

LCD/TFT Televisions Prosonic NSI22DVD901

Televisions DIKOM DK40160M22FC10UD-LED

Televisions Oki L32VB-D-PHTUV

Televisions Oki L39VA-FHTUV